This morning I watched a bit of the “View” on television. Their guests included Meredith Viera and her husband Richard Cohen. While Meredith has led an interesting life, it was Richard that caught my attention.  He has had MS for  30  years, has difficulty standing, speaking, using his arms and legs and is legally blind.  What struck me, is that unless you were told this you would never know. Part of the interview discussed his book: “Blindsided”. The book is a brutally honest and raw portrait of their family’s refusal to give into the ravages of chronic illness. Above all, it is a love story about surviving, and rising above fear and anger. He was asked by one of the View ladies how he ‘does it’ every day, how he ‘copes’. Richards response was humbly spoken yet profound. He said (and I paraphrase) that people say ‘oh, I could never cope with that….. I could never get through that’ and yet when they are diagnosed with a chronic or life threatening illness, many do cope and cope quite well. He said that people have the choice to dig down with in themselves and find the courage they need, and that it is there.

His response both reminded me and inspired me. There have been times in my life where I never thought I would get through the struggles, and yet I did! Were there moments of doubt? Fear? Needing others? of course, but that is life. Thank you Richard for reminding us that if we dig deep within ourselves we can do well in our lives and not only for ourselves, but we can inspire others.


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