Planning a personalized and meaningful Celebration of a Loved ones life is never easy.  How do you reflect on a life with mere words? Here are some suggestions that may help you.  If your loved one is still alive, but dying or you are having one of those ‘when I die, this is what I’d like read’ conversations….. write their thoughts are requests down. At the time of a loved ones death, such things could be forgotten at a time of emotional upheaval.  If your loved one was a member of an organized religion, they may already have specified readings available to choose from in the Bible, Koran etc. You too may have Scriptural readings that offer you meaning. If your loved one was spiritual or atheist, there are many reading that can enhance a memorial service or celebration of life.  If you ‘google’ memorial service readings, funeral readings or celebration of life readings you will get almost an infinite number of choices. Take time to read through these poems/readings/stories for a few that reflect your loved one. Narrow them down with family or friends that are assisting you with the planning. I have also found prayers for different careers or hobbies.. such as a Golfer’s Prayer based on the 23rd Psalm, a prayer for a nurse, teacher, dog theology, photographer, tow truck driver.

These are all ways that you can make the service unique and reflect the life of the person who died. The celebrant can read these or members of the family or friends can be included. The more personalized the ceremony, the more meaning it will have for those left behind.

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