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Maureen Dwyer Saying Your Goodbye The Savvy Senior- May 19, 2012

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Who are we?

Saying Your Goodbye listens, comes alongside you and your family to assist you during difficult times of illness, death, dying, transitions, loss and grieving providing grief counselling, services, support and dignity.

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Customer Feedback

We, the family of Harold and Violet Ward would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for the beautiful services you conducted for our parents.

Your services were very personal for each of them, you did an excellent job based on only the reflections of Cicily and myself as to who they were in life. You provided comfort to us, hard to do to people you had never met before.

We are so grateful that you were recommended to us by the staff at Needhams Funeral Home, London.

Sharon Kormend

My husband was taken from us far too soon and the idea of celebrating his life at a memorial service seemed inconceivable. Maureen guided us through this journey with unparalleled compassion. Her service mirrored a man that was unique in so many ways. It was as though she had walked beside him. She is still with us as our grief unfolds. Maureen is more than a chaplain- she is a friend who walks the journey with you and is there when you need her. She is forever in our hearts.

Diana Barr

Recently my eighty-six year old mother passed away. Maureen kindly offered to visit her and was able to speak with my mother on a number of occasions about end of life matters and especially how she was putting closure to important earthly and spiritual matters. My mother was able to tell me how much it meant to her to listen to Maureen’s prayers, her messages of hope and her soft and soothing voice. The dignity and respect shown by Maureen to this person in great pain near death in the bed was remarkable. I realized that Maureen did not see my mother the way she was ‘now’ but how she was as a healthier and vibrant person…….my mother’s resilient personality still showed through and Maureen was able to reach my mother’s true inner spirit.

Barb Dorrington

Recently my 86 yr old mom passed away. Maureen met with all of my siblings to ensure that the funeral service would be exactly what Mom would want. Maureen really gets to know the personality of the deceased person through her gentle questions. After the service many of my mother’s own friends commented to me directly about Maureen’s caring, soft and very genuine approach to my celebrating my mother’s life. And, it was indeed a caring celebration. Maureen worked with the family to make it a true testament to Mom’s life not only as a senior, but her entire life as a younger person and as a mother, friend, and sister.

For Maureen, it is easy to see that funerals are not just a job. She treated my mother with the same care, patience and dignity as she would give one of her own family members. Thank you Maureen for helping all our family members and friends remember and share at Mom’s final goodbye.

Barb Dorrington

“When I had had to euthanize my dog this past year, Maureen Dwyer did an amazing job being there for me. She was very kind, respectful, and sympathetic about the situation. She was present when my dog was put to sleep, since I didn’t think I could do it alone. She spoke comforting words, held my hand, and stayed with me after so I wouldn’t be alone. I would recommend her services to anybody who is going through any kind of loss. Maureen has been gifted with the skills to deal with death in a special way that is calming and comforting.”

Karen Cortese

What wonderful articles of interest and importance you are adding to your newsletter. I am so glad to receive these newsletters and enjoy the information shared. I will never be able to thank you enough for all the support you provided to our family during the illness of my Mom, Marge and Dad and recent death of my Dad Bob Scarborough. You were able to provide our family with so much love and attention and it has always felt like you were a part of our family and continue to be. The impact you had on dad’s life will hold a special spot in our lives and the words you offered during his funeral service are held deep in our hearts. I recommend Maureen to everyone looking for someone who genuinely cares about those people grieving and trying to move on with their lives. Lynda McNabb – Director of Recreation – The Royalton Retirement Residence

Lynda McNabb

Maureen has conducted funerals twice for our family, and on both occasions she was a wonderful, caring professional who helped ease the grieving process and create meaningful ceremonies that were truly celebrations of life. We are grateful to Maureen for her compassion and understanding during an incredibly difficult time, and for the thought she put into performing services that were both a comfort to those of us left behind and uplifting tributes to those family members we have lost.
We whole-heartedly recommend Maureen’s services through Saying Your Goodbye.

Janalynne Rogers and Jordie Margison

I first met Maureen in 2006, before my Mom passed. I asked her if she could do the eulogy for her. She gladly accepted. She asked questions of Mom’s history. She went to work, and what she came up with was the most beautiful tribute. People laughed and cried with the shared memories. Beautiful Job! My Husband passed in May 2007, and I once again called Maureen. We rented a small chapel and Maureen created a beautiful service. We would have thought she knew him personally. Short and sweet with the Rolling Stones as backup, and the sun shone through the rain. Sadly I called Maureen one again. My Son passed in September of 2009. Maureen did an awesome job, but with Led Zeppelin as backup this time. Maureen made my Son’s life here on earth important. God Bless her always.

Barb Ross

I sought out Maureen’s help as a grief counselor after suffering a miscarriage. This loss on its own was devastating but amplified by the fact that my father had died two years previous and the pain of that loss had never gone away. I was struggling to move forward and the anger, anguish and pain I felt was consuming my life. I could not see myself ever being hopeful or finding joy anymore. I am blessed to have a close knit family that are supportive but it was hard for me to talk about my inner troubles with them and I needed a third party to help me move on. Maureen was fantastic! I could speak to her without the fear of being judged. She helped me on my journey of grief by letting me recount my story over and over. Most of my sessions were tear filled and I never needed to feel guilty about this. She helped me realize that it was okay for me to move forward and be happy in my life while still looking to the past for the security it had always provided. Thanks to her help, I was able to put things into a different perspective one that let me manage the pain of my losses but also let me see the joy and happiness in the life that I still have to live.


I would highly recommend Maureen to help in preparing and guiding funerals and memorial services. I have seen her loving skills in practice. I would call upon her services again when my personal situation requires them.

Sue Gordon

Maureen provided a meaningful memorial service for our family in memory of Mom.  Her professional, quiet, calm approach  eased the stress  during this difficult time.  Maureen was very well prepared, and created many memories. We have received numerous positive comments regarding the service Thanks again Maureen



The Clark and Licciardo family

I have had the pleasure of knowing Maureen for many years. She is a very kind and compassionate person. Her ability to connect with people of all walks of life and faith backgrounds is what makes her so unique.

Maureen’s ministry goes beyond the day of the service as she makes herself accessible to families in any way she can be of support to them.

Her greatest strength is her ability to personalize the service regardless of the fact she may never have had the opportunity to meet that individual.

Shannon Burberry, Manager Forest Lawn Funeral Home, London ON